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Singing Telegrams and Balloons

1 800 886-7464 ext. 10083
When Calling from outside the USA
330-434-3210  ext. 10083

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Singing Telegrams and Balloons Delivered Anywhere!

Yes! Now you can send a bouquet of Balloons, Champagne, a gift Basket or a singing telegram anywhere in the United States or the World!

We are affiliated with the Balloon Delivery Connection /Liquor by Wire.  Imagine, the day after tomorrow is Mom and Dad's 35th wedding anniversary and you did nothing, problem solved; send a beautiful bouquet of balloons with a bottle of champagne straight to their door!

Choose from Champagnes such as Dom Perignon, Chandon, Tattinger, Perrier Jouet, Mums, Cristal, Roederer (to numerous to list) or liquors or cordial like Jack Daniels, Martel, Black Label, Napoleon cognacs, Vodkas, Tequila, Gin, or we can put together a specialty "Gourmet Basket" filled to the brim with fine meats and cheeses! 

And then there are the "Singing Telegrams". Send "Live" entertainment to a loved one's front door! There are a wide variety of "grams" available including, (but not limited to), "The Tuxedo Gram",  "The Gorilla Gram", or perhaps send your sweetheart a "Cupid Gram". There are many more and if you have a special request, just ask, we can most likely accommodate your special request!

You might want to "bookmark" this location now, so the next time you really want to "reach out and touch someone", we will be easy to find.

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To order any of the above, simply call, toll free dial:
1 800 886-7464 ask for extension 10083
It's that simple! Have fun!


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